There are 4 criteria for enrolment:

1.     The student MUST be under the age of 16 years on their first day of attendance at the Centre.
2.     The student MUST be on a school roll on their first day of attendance at the Centre.  They do not yet have to have attended the         school.
3.     The family/caregivers MUST be prepared to attend interviews and be supportive of their child's progress for the duration of the         process.  It is expected that students behavioural changes will also be noticed in the home.
4.     The enrolling school MUST be prepared for the student to attend/re-attend their school once successful in achieving their goals.          This may be through an immediate return, an integration programme or at the start of the following school year.

The final decision is up to each Enrolling School as to who deserves a 'second chance'.  The emphasis is on student's preparedness to make changes to their behaviours.  The guidelines are as below:

We will take:
    Year 9’s from Term 2 onwards – please refer before the end of Term 1 enabling the student to start at the beginning of Term 2.
        Exemptions :
        1)     those who have been at the school in Years 7 and/or Year 8 and therefore the school has already put support plans in place that                 may not have fully worked eg RTLB involvement.

        2)    those who have been ‘red flagged’ by the intermediate school but only after a suitable time at high school

    Year 10’s
    Year 11’s, but not if over 16 years, who have a view to remain until either:

        1)     completing Level 1 NCEA and moving to employment or a course the following year
        2)     returning to school after a successful review or in the following year

    Year 12’s, but not if over 16 years, who have a view to remain until either:

        1)     completing Level 1/2 NCEA and moving to employment the following year
        2)     returning to school after a successful review

Length of time:

1. For most students this will be between 5 and 12 weeks but does not extend past the end of the school year in which they       were referred.
2. All students are reviewed after 4 full weeks at the Centre. A decision is then made by all interested parties at this meeting. The choices available are:
  • The student returns to their Enrolling School, or in some cases a new school, full-time the following Monday.
  • The student remains at the Centre full-time and is re-reviewed after another 4 weeks
  • The student begins an integration programme the following week, usually for 4 weeks
  • The student leaves school (if they have turned 16 years of age) to begin tertiary education or employment
  • If no genuine or insufficient progress is noted, the student may be 'failed' and returned to their mainstream school for further disciplinary action
         3. We will take students at the start of Term 4. It is expected that those students will be able to have between 2 - 3 weeks of                integration back in school before the end of the year
  • It may be appropriate for schools to support some students during Term 4 while they remain at their mainstream school, and for them to start at the Centre the following year, where they will have longer time to make changes to their behaviour