Students at the Centre follow the same core curriculum as those in mainstream education. 

Each students programme is individually tailored to suit their level of ability with emphasis on students taking individual responsibilty for their learning and remaining up to date with their work. 
Those who work well can expect to achieve the same amount as their peers when they return to school.

Students with the help of Centre staff, parents/caregivers and Enrolling School, works out a set of behavioural goals and both students and staff assess these on a daily basis;  what worked well for them and how they could handle similar future situations more positively.  This constant reflection allows progress towards reintegration to the mainstream to be carefully monitored.

Some programmes are provided through Te Kura (Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu) a New Zealand Correspondence School.  Students also receive focused teaching in Literacy and Numeracy. 

Year 11 students undertake NCEA qualifications while at the Centre.  







Social Skills

Te Reo (Maori language)

Co-operative Activities

P.E (Physical Education)

EOTC (Education outside the Classroom)

Public Service/Work Experience